Monday, December 30, 2013

In Mourning

If any bloggers out there have seen my comments on their posts, they've probably noticed my avatar:

and wondered why a football icon has commented on their (mostly) baseball posts.  I've always said my favorite sport is baseball, but my favorite sports team is the Cowboys. 

I know what you're thinking.  I'm from California and I'm an Angels' fan.  Cowboys??  I inherited it from my father.  He grew up in Dallas.  He's also a fan of the evil empire, but I couldn't possibly follow in those footsteps.

So yeah, last night's game kinda sucked (quiet Brad.)

So I'll try to think of happier thoughts.  Like one of my Christmas presents.  I didn't get any cards, but I did get this

My early favorite player growing up was Rod Carew.  But somewhere in college I became a huge Ted Williams fan.  This book is huge.  It'll take me awhile to get through it.

This is actually the oldest card in my collection.

I don't have the 1969 base card, but I do have this one.

Knowing Ted, he's probably looking at a pitcher here.

Now he's thinking about hitting.

And now I'm (kinda sorta maybe) bringing it full circle.  Williams was the first major league manager in the Metroplex...which is where my beloved losers Cowboys are located.

Oh, and Congrats to Brad and all the other Eagles' fans.

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  1. I am 98% certain I have 2 1969 Ted Williams cards if you want to trade me for one. Let me know.