Thursday, December 26, 2013


I won't be detailing all the cards that were under the Christmas tree this year.....because there weren't any.  I've never really gotten cards for Christmas.  I shouldn't say never, but you get the idea.  My family, I think, has always just assumed that they won't know what I want, so they go in a different direction.  And I've never been one to tell anyone what I want, so that's on me.

But that doesn't mean I haven't been getting cards.  I've said it before, and I'll probably say it a million times in the future, but cards bloggers have to collectively be one of the most generous groups of people around.  I got a box in the mail a day or two before Christmas which I am still going through, and should post about soon.

I got home from work today and found a bubble mailer in the mailbox.  Upon seeing the return address, I knew I didn't have any trades in the works, so Surprise Cards!

Spiff over at Texas Rangers Cards thought of me at Christmas time!  See, there's no rivalry in the blogging world (Go Angels!)  There were three stacks of cards in there.  You've all seen junk wax, so this is just a fraction of the contents, but I'll show some of the highlights:

Traded cards (Did Score call them Traded?  They're numbered with "T"s).  The pink is the giveaway.  There wasn't pink in the 1989 base set.   And a 1992 UD Dave Winfield.  Even though there's evil Yankeeness on that card, its a sharp looking card.  And Winfield was a steal for the Angels.  Mike Witt had been a very good pitcher in the 80's, but he was done when he was unloaded for the HOF outfielder.

Collector's choice is a recent addition to my knowledge of the card collecting world.  It took me awhile to figure out there was Upper Deck AND Upper Deck Collector's Choice.  Look at the parallel Rickey.  I've been getting lots of Rickey in Angel gear lately. (edit: Rickey isn't a parallel I guess.  Rickey is just different, which is kinda appropriate)

Chone Figgins was another steal for the Angels.  They gave up the immortal Kimera Bartee, who had all of 19 ML at-bats after the trade for Figgins and he was a really good piece for 6+ years.  I was rather disappointed for him when he was a huge bust for the Mariners.  Brandon Wood on the other hand was the huge prospect that the Angels would not include in any trade talks as he made his way up the chain.  He was also the colossal out-making machine that the Angels let go for nothing.  I seem to recall he had some parting shots for the organization on his way out too, although I can't seem to find them.  If that's true, that's just sad and another reason to say good riddance.

Surprise packages are awesome.  Am I right?

Thanks Spiff.

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