Friday, December 20, 2013

The card that exploded into hundreds

Just a quick post today.  And it seriously won't even begin to do justice to the package I got last week.

I sent an email to P-town Tom over at Waiting 'til Next year.  I saw a card he posted and asked if it was available, and offered up my usual assortment of junk wax.  I'll trade however many of those things I can to make a fair trade.  But Tom responded with the words "making this trade bigger".  I'm all for that.  So we turned it into a set building trade.  And as usual, I was so excited to get cards into sets, I didn't scan many cards.  Bad blogger (and when referring to me, I clearly use that term lightly).

But there are a couple highlights:

First off, here's the card I initially asked about.  Truth be told, I probably would have sent off the box I sent just for this card and called it even.  But Tom knocked off huge parts of a number of want lists for me.

One of things I have done is buy large lots of cards on eBay as long as it comes out to like 4 or 5 cents a card with shipping.  The problem with that practice is you never get any star cards.  Included in a stack of 1978 Topps that Tom sent was this guy:

Great ballplayer, so-so announcer.  And a star card.

Oh, and is there any question
which team Tom

I love me some 70's cards.   And there were plenty of those in the box. 

Thanks Tom for shrinking down some holes in my set collections.

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  1. No problem! It was a great trade on both ends as I'm always looking for help building my sets. Thanks a bunch!